Since 2024, our team competes in two of the eight categories present at Cybathlon events: the Prosthesis Arm Race (ARM) and the Assistance Robot Race (ROB).


Christophe Huchet

Now 54 years old, Christophe was born with an agenesis of the right arm including the elbow. While studying business, he began a career as a swimmer. Many times French Champion of 100-meter breaststroke races in parasports category, it is however among valid athletes that he is the happiest to reach the finals and step on podiums. He also got the French Swimming Federation to modify its rules, after being regularly disqualified for not touching the wall with both hands! Over the last 20 years, Christophe has created several restaurants in Paris, that he recently sold in order to resume his studies and become a certified coach. His goal is now to guide the managers of small and medium-sized companies, as well as he had been guided as a company manager himself. Christophe has been the official pilot of the Smart ArM team since Cybathlon 2020 and won the Cybathlon Challenge in 2022 in the ARM race. After the rich and intense adventures of these participations, he keeps training for Cybathlon 2024, which should be just as exciting!


Étienne Moullet

Now 32 years old, Étienne has been living with tetraplegia since a swimming accident at the age of 14. Despite his disability, he pursued his studies and joined the École des Mines de Paris, where he earned his engineering degree at the age of 21. Initially specializing in the field of “Machines and Energies”, he worked as an engineer in the nuclear sector for 5 years. With the goal of contributing to the improvement of the daily lives of people with disabilities, he decided to undergo a career change and pursued a thesis in computational neuroscience at Sorbonne Université, successfully defending it in 2022. Today, he continues his academic journey as a post-doctoral researcher at INRIA, actively participating in the activities of the HumanLab network, an associative structure aiming to provide technical assistance addressing practical needs expressed by people with disabilities. This includes disseminating tools, initially “crafted” with his family, to a wider audience. Remaining active in sports such as swimming, handbiking, and adaptive skiing, Étienne recently took up wheelchair rugby. It is only natural that he engages in the sports, technical, and scientific challenge of the Cybathlon!


On the robotics side, the Smart ArM team brings together researchers and engineers from the Institut of Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR) at Sorbonne University in Paris and the Movement Science Institute (ISM) at the University of Aix-Marseille.


← Nathanaël Jarrassé

CNRS researcher in robotics

Team manager

Sébastien Mick →

Research engineer (PhD)

Océane Dubois →

PhD student in robotics

← Julian Kulozic

PhD student in robotics

← Guillaume Samain

PhD student in robotics

Robin Gibaud →

Engineer in robotics

← Alexis Poignant

PhD student in robotics

Bruno Ricci →

Technician in mechanics

Laurent Fabre →

Technician in mechanics

← Jozina De Graaf

Lecturer in neurosciences

← Guillaume Morel

Professor in robotics

Philippe Gauthier →

Engineer in robotics


The team is accompanied by ortho-prosthetists and specialized clinicians from the Regional Institute of Rehabilitation (IRR) of UGECAM Nord-Est, in Nancy.

Medical team

← Marie Béal


Amélie Touillet, Noël Martinet, Jean Paysant

Specialized clinicians

Physical rehabilitation and medicine


Former members of Team SAM since its creation in 2019!

← Christophe Blanc

Engineer in mechatronics

Mechanical design

Clémence Drouot

PhD in robotics

Pilot coach

Andrea Campanelli →

Graduate student in robotics

Haptic feedback prototype

← Charlotte Marchand

Mechatronics engineer

Technical manager, electronic design and myoelectric control

Jesús Mago →

PhD in robotics

Pilot coach

Florian Richer

Robotics engineer (CNRS)

Software development

← Mathilde Legrand

PhD in robotics

Movement-based control mode

Alexandre Peudpièce

Mechanical engineer

Design of the exoskeletal elbow joint

Alexis Devillard →

Robotics engineer

Design of the control panel wristband

Gaël Le Buan Mania

Engineering student in robotics

Haptic feedback design

Fabien Vérité

Lecturer in robotics

Haptic feedback