Smart ArM


CYBATHLON is an international competition intended for people with physical disabilities who use assistive systems. Teams compete on races designed to test the extent to which an assistive technology helps its user carry out everyday tasks.

Smart ArM is the only French team participating in the “Powered Arm Prosthesis” race of CYBATHLON

In 2023 was held a CYBATHLON Challenge, a “light” version of the competition during which teams compete on a smaller number of tasks. During this Challenge, the Smart ArM team reached the fourth place in its category, where a total of seven cybathletes competed against each other. On the big day, our pilot completed his two attempts with no foul, and beat his personal record on this edition, with a new best time of 2’35”.

Our team also won fame during the 2022 edition of the CYBATHLON Challenge, by reaching the first place in its category against four other teams. Our pilot’s second attempt, timed at 2’27”, is the one that earned our first gold medal at a CYBATHLON event!

After its creation in 2019, Smart ArM competed for the first time in the 2020 edition of the CYBATHLON, on a race including six different tasks. During the qualifiers, the team ranked tenth out of thirteen teams, with the best attempt earning 49 points and timed at 6’06”.

The Smart ArM team is a research team specialized in arm prostheses for transhumeral disabilities i.e. beginning above the elbow. Our pilot is accompanied by researchers, engineers and specialized clinicians from 3 French cities : Paris, Marseille and Nancy.

The SAM prosthesis is one of the only CYBATHLON prostheses with an active robotic elbow. The main challenge for our team is therefore to keep up with the speed of other pilots despite the system being more complex to operate. This is why we are developing new innovative control modes.